Dr. Richard E. Anderson

Recently Passed October 11, 2012
PAGA President 1999 – 2012
Dr. Richard E. Anderson 

One of God’s Generals with a heritage of victory in faith and full gospel ministry. Dr. Richard E. Anderson is an Ordained minister (since 1941) and a theological professor with over 73 years of full time ministerial experience. He has been the senior pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church in San Jacinto, CA for over 45 years. He specializes in educating ministers and lay leaders involved in the ministry through School of Bible Theology Seminary & University, and is a valiant defender of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Pentecostal distinctives. Dr. Anderson holds a Bachelor, a Masters and an earned Doctoral degree in Theology which were conferred on or about 1943-49. He is a Chaplain with honorary status as Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.

pic - Evangelist Richard E. Anderson

Evangelist Richard E. Anderson, pictured from 1957, on the Radio!