If you’d like to experience this website from your mobile device, you can now simply add our “PAGA app” to your device.

(Adding the “PAGA app.” on your mobile device)


These steps are for apple iphone, ipad or ipod’sphone2

From your mobile device follow steps 1-8

1.  Locate www.paga.org on your mobile device using Safari

2.  Once there on PAGA webpage touch Menu (ipad – touch SOCIAL then GO MOBILE)

3.  At the bottom of the page roll the scroll wheel to “Go Mobile”

4.  Touch “Go Mobile” then touch “Done”

5.  On the “Go Mobile” page, scroll down and touch the picture of the phone, this will take

you to the PAGA app. page

6.  Now at the bottom of your mobile device, touch the the square with the arrow pointing up

7.  Then touch the box that says “add to home screen”

8.  Rename it to say:  PAGA then touch “add”

You now have the PAGA app. button on your mobile device!

If you want to add “PAGA webpage” to your mobile device just repeat steps 1,6,7,8